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Story: Homewrecking Ballerina Princess

A while back when I first started my foray into findom, shortly after my fist pig slave danni conroy came crawling to me begging to serve, worship and adore me. He complained that he could not send me as much as he agreed to tribute monthly, because his girlfriend wanted them to go to Hawaii for a romantic vacation. Hahaha! Yeah, right. He had assured me I was his perfect little teenage ballerina Princess and he wanted nothing more than to be my bitch, my slave, my paypiggy loser! So what the hell was this? Can’t pay what he promised?

I knew his little dicklette twitched and throbbed with each picture I posted or sent to him. He continuously professed his undying love and devotion for my Princess perfection! But no more delights would come his way. I blocked him from my Tumblr. I blocked him from my snapchat. I stopped texting him private pics and vids of his tiny ballerina. No more! Hahaha!

A day later, when his tribute came in late, I refused to contact him or unblock him. A day later and still I ignored him while the little desperate bitch kept pleading for attention, telling me his tributes would always be there. Too bad!

Finally I said his last tribute didn’t count because it was late, and he owes a late fee, 100% per day for the two days, and he will shave his head for being such a pathetic whiner! I got the 2x payment immediately and I said I would unblock him when I was ready. He also tried to weasel, saying his girlfriend would never go for a shaved head, but I ignored him- all I said was send me the selfie I demand piggy and your monthly tribute fee is now 20% higher. PLEASE ME NOW! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!



Look what came! As soon as I got the pic, I unblocked cue ball and he thanked me profusely! I told him that was strike one. Strike two would be far more expensive, and strike three would be devastating!

~ Princess Kitty ~

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