Twitter Guidelines

I am a very busy teen ballerina Princess. I take ballet and acrobatics lessons, and this takes up 20 plus hours a week. I teach these activities as well. I go to school and spend many hours there trying to do well. I also want to film findom/femdom videos and open a video store and fan site to sell these videos. This also takes up quite a bit of my free time.

The purpose of my twitter is to meet people that will help me to make the money I need to live like a Princess while I make all this happen. Way too many people want to chat via DMs. I would love to chat with you, BUT I have no time and so I do not intend to have casual DM chats going forward. I don’t want to get involved in these conversations and I would rather not see your well wishing remarks and complements in my DMs. I appreciate them but I would rather you reply to a tweet or retweet my tweets with a comment if you want to respond to something I posted. Then if I want to respond to you, I will reply in the same thread and we can converse there.

I want to save DMs for submissives interested in buying my time to make their fantasies come true.

Feel free to DM me on twitter if you are interested in meeting with me to experience your ultimate submissive fantasy with a teen ballerina. I love dominating, controlling, humiliating and manipulating submissive men in person. I think my love of doing this is apparent in my video posts. I love tying men’s brains up in knots. I love how a cute look or giggle from me will cause them to drop to their belly and slither to my feet, begging me for permission to kiss them. I will laugh at you and mock you for the weaselly worm you are while you pay me for permission to kiss my perfect size 5 teen feet!

I am in Seattle and that’s where you need to come for a session. Current pricing is $800 for 1 hour, $2500 for 4 hours, and $4000 for 8 hours. I do bratty teen schoolgirl humiliation, sissy, foot worship, spitting and other fantasies, in public or private. Just ask if you have a specific one in mind. I will give you an email with more specific procedures to set up a meet. Please understand I do not, and will not have sex or get naked for any amount of money.

People are always asking about sending tributes to me even though they will not be able to come to Seattle for a fantasy session. I appreciate this but you don’t need to DM and ask my permission to do this. My Twitter lists my cash app info and my amazon wish list and email for gift cards to be sent. If you choose to do this, you may DM me AFTER tributing so I know who sent it and you will probably receive a response from me.

DMs from other Dommes are acceptable.

Also business related DMs can be sent, but I hope I can see their business value to me or I will likely ignore these.

Submissive men who don’t intend to set up a submissive fantasy session with me, or who don’t tribute to me can expect to have their DMs ignored. If you don’t give up and continue sending a barrage of DMs in an effort to engage me in conversation and waste my time, I will end up blocking you.

One other note, I am a real life Princess right now, I don’t do online. Online domination bores me as I don’t see how you can have the submissive experience of a lifetime through a computer. Why not save up your money and come to Seattle for a physical session with me IN PERSON. If you want, you will receive a video of the session to take home with you that you can watch over and over and bring you back to that magical submissive moment when a bratty teenage schoolgirl ballerina made your deepest, darkest submissive fantasies a reality!

After I get my video store and site up and running, I may consider trying online Skype domination sessions, but no promises. Like I said, online domination bores me. I love real time personal interaction.


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