My First Encounter With Ballerina Princess Kitty

I had followed Princess Kitty online for quite some time. I first came in contact with her shortly after she graduated from high school. I noticed even back then that she wasn’t bashful when it came to talking about any topic. So I decided to ask her point-blank if she had any interest in using grown men as her slaves for her benefit. In return, she asked me, quite understandably, “What benefit do I get?” Rather than try to explain how a Princess could use older men for her benefit, I decided to try and teach by example. I told her how I love to feel controlled, manipulated and humiliated by pretty young women, and that I would send her online examples of these types of relationships. In the meantime I asked her to set up an Amazon wish list with some items she would like to have. She did, and I went to town buying her the items from her list as she began to ply her hand at manipulative domination of me.

To say Princess Kitty is quite smart and extremely intelligent is a gross understatement. She quickly caught on to the idea of being a manipulative, demanding Princess-humiliatrix and I slowly started losing control of the relationship. “Topping from the bottom was not something she would tolerate,” she said to me as she drank up knowledge of what type of domination/submission relationship she intended to forge. Amazon wish lists became PayPal donations, which in turn became direct bank transfers.

Despite losing control, I was in heaven. I was being controlled, manipulated and utterly humiliated by the cutest little ballerina Princess in the universe. In no time she had me completely wrapped around her precious little toe willing to do anything her wicked little mind dreamt up. I was helpless and powerless to stop this progression, and Princess Kitty would giggle and laugh in my face when I tried to tell her this was going to far. She would do something like send me a video of one of her captivating performances, tell me to go stick my head in the toilet, then buy her a plane ticket to Disney World. If I said no, I wouldn’t get to see her next performance. I would buy her the ticket, and she would send me something she did that was even more incredible to watch. Her humiliations became ever more severe, and then she would go so far as to make me beg to spoil her beyond what she asked for. And I loved it and craved it as I sank further down the rabbit hole.

Fast-forward to this past Monday when Princess Kitty and I both happened to be in New York City. I knew she was very busy, and I didn’t expect she would have any time for me. At 11:30 AM, she called me and asked me what plans I had. I said I had none even though I did, as this was my last day in New York. She told me to meet her on 68th and 5th at 3 PM sharp. My heart started pounding, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was trembling at the thought of meeting my perfect Princess. She asked me what pathetic humiliating items I had in my possession. Unfortunately I had none since I had no idea we might be meeting. She commanded that I quickly go out and get a hot pink dog collar and leash, pink socks, pink shirt, and raisins. (?) Then she added, “Oh, and don’t forget, bring your wallet stuffed with cash, credit cards, and your ATM card!” I can’t remember how I responded, but I am sure I sounded like a blithering idiot. I was in such a tizzy!

I quickly showered and shaved, then ran out to get the items required of me by Princess Kitty. I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I felt as I walked up 5th Avenue along Central Park towards 68th St. Serving Princess Kitty online was an absolute delight. I knew serving her in person would be even better. But I was not even remotely prepared for just how amazing and perfect she is. I was about to have my whole world turned upside down.

At about 2:50 I heard from Princess. “You don’t even know if I’m going to show up for a pathetic loser like you. How long are you willing to wait there for your princess?” She knew I would wait and wait. I felt an ache at the thought that she would leave me there, and utterly crush and destroy my hopes of seeing her. Princess then told me to put on the pink dog collar and play “Ingress” while I waited to see if she would show up.

I tried to play ingress on my phone, but my mind was consumed with thoughts of my perfect princess. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 3:12 PM. I noticed people looking at me as we passed along the crowded New York City street. In my distress, I had forgotten about the pink dog collar I was wearing. There was an ache in my stomach as the minutes passed.

Then, from behind me I heard a voice, “slave, get down on your knees!” I quickly turned and sank to my knees. I gazed up for the first time at this amazing young ballerina who I had seen so many times, but only in pictures and videos. She took my breath away and I was in awe, mesmerized. She was far more stunning and beautiful than I had imagined. Her eyes sparkled even behind the sunglasses. Her long blonde and pink hair pulled back and blowing in the breeze like a Goddess. She wore a thin white blouse, a plaid schoolgirl jumper, white thigh highs with pink cat paws on them and red and white leather shoes. I could have knelt there staring at her perfect cuteness forever, but Princess was growing inpatient.

“Slave, give me the leash!” Princess demanded as she tapped her foot and crossed her arms across her chest, gesturing her annoyance at me. I quickly handed her the pink leash which she attached to my pink collar. Princess then ordered me to kiss her shoes, and I lowered my face and began to lovingly kiss her shoes as people walk by laughing at the pathetic sight I must have seemed. I worshiped them as long as I could until Princess kicked my face to signal that my pleasure was at an end.

Princess then ordered me into a square dirt patch around a tree. These trees are placed every 50 feet or so on the sidewalk along Central Park. I had seen two dogs piss on these trees on my way to 68th St. I hoped this tree had been spared, or at least I hoped it hadn’t been a dog urinal recently. I crawled on my hands and knees into the dirt, and crawled around rubbing myself in the dirt to comply with Princess Kitty’s command to make myself the filthy pig I am. She then had me hug and kiss the tree. And I knew Princess was having me kiss a dog’s urinal. Thankfully this did not go on too long. I was ordered to follow Princess Kitty into Central Park.

It was a beautiful, sunny New York spring day, and thousands were in the park. Princess yanked on my leash as we walked through the park to keep me following closely on the short lead. Finally, she decided we would go to the boathouse and pond. The pond is surrounded by a walkway and benches. It was quite crowded with hundreds of people watching sail boats floating in the pond.

Princess took a seat on the bench and had me kneel on the ground in front of her. After allowing people to gather and take in the sight of a pathetic leashed and collared (pink) slave at her feet, she tugged the leash and commanded that I kiss her shoes. The feelings washing over me were so intense, the pleasure indescribable as I supplicated myself at the feet of my Princess. Unfortunately Princess would not let me revel in my pleasure for long. She tilted her foot slightly, still keeping it on the ground and ordered me to clean the filthy soles with my slave tongue. I lowered my face into the dirt and did as best I could to lap the gritty filth until the bottoms of her shoes were clean. All the while people laughed, commented, and mocked the pathetic sight they saw on the ground in front of this stunningly beautiful schoolgirl Princess, but I could care less. I was in a state of ecstatic bliss, pure nirvana.

Eating all this grit and dirt was making me thirsty. I had a bottle of water in a bag I brought, and I was hoping to have a drink. Unfortunately Princess Kitty did not agree with that solution to the dilemma of my thirst. She leaned forward and spit a thick, foamy wad of spittle into the dirt. “Drink up slave!” She said giggling with a wicked schoolgirl grin. I lowered my face to the gift she gave awaiting on the ground to quench my thirst, and I eagerly lapped it up, savoring the precious offering of my perfect Princess. There was an amazed and vocal reaction from the crowd, and Princess leaned forward again for a repeat performance before having me go back to cleaning the soles of her shoes. Unfortunately, every time she stood up the soles of her shoes were once again covered in grit and dirt. Yet i eagerly thanked my perfect Princess for allowing me to clean her precious shoes!

Satisfied with my humiliation savoring her precious liquid offering and the filth on her shoes, Princess then demanded I profess my devotion to her as her slave. I was so caught up in the loving devotion and the intense thrill and joy of serving publicly at the feet of my Princess, I am not sure how coherent I was as I described my love for serving my Princess. It may have gone something like this:

“Princess Kitty, i kneel here and give thanks that a perfect young Princess such as yourself would spend even a moment of your time to utterly humiliate me and use me. I am a pathetic worthless loser. It is such an honor and privilege that You would even consider giving me a chance to serve and spoil You.

i want to focus and live my life with the sole purpose of serving and spoiling You. You give my loser life meaning and purpose. i live to put a smile on Your pretty face.

Princess Kitty, my being crumbles in your presence. i am your slave. i am proud to display myself to everyone and show them what i am, your slave and property.

i am a worthless, pathetic, loser. i am your devoted sissy bitch slave danni.”

At that point, Princess remarked, “you must be hungry, slave.”

“Yes, Princess,” I said meekly. Princess then took out a box of raisons and scattered them around the ground as i knelt there at her feet. Princess then stomped and smeared the raisins on the ground, giggled and remarked, “eat up, slave!”

I lowered my face into the dirt and began eating the raisins. Princess then commanded me to oink like the pig I am after eating each raisin to let everyone know I was a pathetic pay pig. I eagerly ate all the raisins mixed with dirt, oinking like a fool. The crowd was becoming more vocal, cheering Princess Kitty as she put me through these utterly degrading acts, each one more humiliating than the one before.

After looking around, and seeing the raisins on the ground had finally been ingested, I raise my head to see the onlookers staring in disbelief and laughing and mocking me for the fool I was.

“Oh no,” Princess Kitty said, “you’re not done yet.” She tilted her shoes to show me the bottoms where she had stomped the raisins and they were covered with raisins and dirt. “Let me give you something to drink first, before your next treat,” Princess said as she spit several times on the ground. I licked my lips greedily and eagerly lapped her precious gift off the filthy ground before hungrily attacking the raisin and dirt caked soles of her shoes. Finally satisfied that I have eaten every spec and morsel from her shoes, I sat up on my knees and Princess once again rewarded me by allowing me to kiss her shoes lovingly. I was in heaven as I thought to myself, I would lovingly lick the dirt from your shoes and clean them until they shine brighter than the day they were made Princess Kitty!

It was time to move on, but first Princess demanded I drop my shoe into the pond so i would squish about as i struggled to follow behind her on the leash. She led me out of the park and towards a fancy restaurant on Madison Ave. As i walked behind her, I watched her move. So graceful and fluid, so effortless. Princess glided, she did not walk. Everything about her was so compelling, so captivating. Her total command over me, her stripping me of every ounce of self respect and self esteem, her driving my subservience and servile devotion to her to heights I never imagined, I realized that in fact Princess Kitty was ten time beyond the best Princess I had ever dreamt of! I realized I was in fact owned by her. I would do anything to feel the way she made me feel when she held my leash and controlled and manipulated me like a puppet on a string. I would serve her forever if she allowed me such an honor and privilege. I wanted nothing more then to be her slave bitch! The day with her was not yet finished, there was still more but that is for another time…

To be continued



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    Amazing account of your encounter with the princess!

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