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19 year old Ballerina Princess Kitty’s PayPig Slave Application


I am interested in a few long term, devoted paypiggies who see ME as the most important thing in their lives! I want you aching for my attention. I want your cock twitching every time you think of ME, and that will be constantly! I want you to become captivated and totally obsessed with ME! I want you craving submission at my little princess feet more than anything else! I want you burning with desire to supplicate your mind, body and soul to ME! I want you feeling as though you exist to serve, please and spoil ME! I want you feeling completely helpless and utterly powerless to my spoiled little girl bratty princess perfection. I want to own you. If you take this step, I WILL OWN YOU and you will feel as though you died and went to heaven!

While I can control you online, I truly enjoy interacting in person. I especially enjoy controlling slaves in public. I am the real deal. I don’t hide behind a computer. Yes, I am young. Yes, I look even younger. Yes, I am a tiny ballerina, but I am a demanding, arrogant, manipulative, cock teasing bitch who deserves and gets whatever she wants. I know how perfect I am, and I know you’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t deserve to lick the dirt off my pink pointe shoes! Crawl to ME my little bitch! Beg to serve ME!

Some of my specialties are Financial Domination, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Chasity & Keyholding, Cuckolding, Foot Fetish, SPH, CBT, CEI, Shopping, Public Exposure









Fetishes (favorite first) I can use to manipulate you:

Fantasies (favorite first) I can use to manipulate you:

Describe your perfect Princess:

Describe your desired role as my slave:

Slave/paypig experience:

Real time experience:


Respond with the above information and send it to

Be sure to pay the minimum $75 application fee, Amazon GC or PayPal to the above email address. 

For $150, you will get an email response and a critique of your application

For $250, you will get a 10 minute video Skype chat critique of your application

For $1500, you will get a 1 month slave piggy trial period with 15 minute weekly video Skype chat sessions, my snapchat, and the right to email or DM me once a day to prove your servile devotion. I will respond to all applicants if you follow these rules!


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